The History

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The land registry maps record that Villa Frola was first built and owned by Giovan Battista Magliano. Originally the building was a small ciabot, a characteristic rustic building in the vine growing areas of South Piedmont used for carrying out the work in the vineyards. The building was officially registered in 1767. Around a century later, in 1866, the notary Colonel Simone Ajraldi, carried out a radical conversion from rustic house to country villa as shown in the Scarraffia map. Villa Frola therefore took on a post- risorgimento design and became a country retreat to get away from the rigors of daily life.
Two sundials were added to adorn the façade of the main building and a rather unusual viewing tower was built onto the roof to allow in more light and offer views onto the majestic alpine arc one way and the rolling hills of the Langhe the other.
In the 1990’s Villa Frola was renovated by the architect Silvio Pagliero. The renovation brought the different buildings together to form a single residence and the garden was planted with tall trees. The sundials were expertly restored by Lucio Maria Morra.